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For 1 SBD you get 1.177 STEEM.

crunching numbers, building chart...

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Corporations given a pass while citizens are punis...

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I think I would use clove oil, as well as oil of o...

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* This is an estimate only, final payouts may be different.
** Author share is based on a minimum 75% payout slice
*** STU = Steem Token Units, the value unit that is displayed by default on For a breakdown on how rewards work on Steemit have a look at this page.
**** if a post is displaying 0.00 in USD, it means there are no liquid rewards, author chose 100% power up - if you want to see the SP rewards too, use the "Toggle USD / STU Rewards" button
crunching numbers, building chart...

crunching numbers, building chart...

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